Osteopathy + RPG combination tables

Techno Vogue developed the OPUS VII Electric RPG table, and then many of the RPG therapists started working with Osteopaths in the same clinic. Some of the clinics needed a multi functional table to perform various techniques. The standard RPG table top is very stiff and is not suitable for multi functional tables. The stiffness of the mattress for Osteopathy is different from the stiffness of the mattress for regular massage. Working with RPG and Osteopaths, Techno Vogue designed two solutions.
The first solution uses a combination mattress with agglomerated foam and soft foam combination of specific foam density with a soft high quality vinyl, so that the facial openings would become comfortable for the patient. These mattress have a thickness of 1" (inch) agglomerated foam and made in a navy blue finish.
The second solution uses a high quality 1.5" thick foam, covered with a stiff vinyl. The stiffness is adequate for osteopathy treatments. The table top is made in a steel grey colour as a standard.
The choice is left up to the therapist to choose. There are RPG+Osteo tables and Osteo-RPG tables.

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