RPG Electric Extra

  • The OPUS VII RPG Electric extra table was developed for Global treatments for back pain. The table provides an articulated comfortable treatment surface with easy access to patients due to the unique design of the shape of the table.


    Features of interest

    RPG tables are entirely designed and fabricated in Quebec, Canada.

    The narrow width of the table permits comfortable sitting, while the feet of the therapist touch the ground on both sides. Position is perfect for providing reflex massage on the back of the patient, sitting in a parallel position in front of the therapist.

    The table is fabricated from welded steel tubing and is powder painted to a beautiful mushroom beige colour. The mattress is specially made for RPG and Osteo treatments. The base of the mattress is made out of imported 9 ply Russian plywood, and covered with one inch ( 1") thick high quality agglomerated foam and then finished with a hospital grade blue vinyl.

    The table rises from 14" to 36" with a foot pedal. A second foot pedal can be ordered as an option. The table can lift 350 lbs with a rapid electrical actuator rated at 8,000N and operates on 110 volts.


  • RPG1
  • RPG2
  • RPG3