• Econo Osteo KML

    Econo Osteo KML

    The Econo Osteo KML table was developed with the help of osteopaths Katie, Melanie and Louise!   Features of interest…

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  • Econo Osteo CEO

    Econo Osteo CEO

    The Econo Osteo CEO table was developed with the help of teachers of Osteopathy and practising osteopaths.   Features of…

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  • Econo Osteo Multi

    Econo Osteo Multi

    The Econo Osteo Multi table provides easy access to patients due to the scissor lift design, unique to Techno Vogue…

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  • RPG Electric Extra

    RPG Electric Extra

    The OPUS VII RPG Electric extra table was developed for Global treatments for back pain. The table provides an articulated…

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  • ERGO Table

    ERGO Table

    The ERGO table uses the econo osteo electric base for easy access to objects placed on the table top. Features…

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  • Opus V Bobath

    Opus V Bobath

    Opus V Bobath tables are ergonomically designed to facilitate easy patient transfer from wheel chairs. Features of interest The Bobath table uses…

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  • Electrical Bases for clinics

    Electrical Bases for clinics

    Econo Osteo electrical base for a mobile application. This can base can be used for a DIY project Electrical base…

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