Electrical Bases for clinics

  • Econo Osteo electrical base for a mobile application. This can base can be used for a DIY project


    Electrical base Econo Liftt , supplied with a motor and one pedal for transforming static tables to Hi-Lo type for the entire clinic : Reference EL-100

    Econo Osteo compact base

    Electrical base : Econo Osteo supplied with one motor and one foot switch or a control bar system as an option ( not shown here): Reference : EO 100


    Econo Liftt base supplied with a motor and a foot pedal for a light weight transformation. This base lends itself to temporary table installation at a client needing massage at a private home for several weeks or months for patients in crisis :Reference: EL100V


    Econo Osteo electrical base with a mobile application, where a table needs to be moved frequently within the clinic due to space restrictions. This base is supplied with an electric motor and one foot pedal, and a mechanical system for a back rest. This can base can be used for a DIY project : Reference EO-100-DM