Bobath Tables

The Bobath Approach : The Bobath approach to the management of children with cerebral palsy was pioneered and developed by Dr Karel and Mrs Berta Bobath. Begun in the 1940's the Bobath Concept is now well known and accepted in many countries as one of the leading approaches. The main aim of treatment is to encourage and increase the child's ability to move and function in as normal a way as possible. More normal movements cannot be obtained if the child stays in a few positions and moves in a limited or disordered way. The aim of management is to help the child to change his abnormal postures and movements so that he or she is able to comfortably adapt to the environment and develop a better quality of functional skills.

Techno Vogue manufactures Bobath type tables for large surfaces. The Techno Vogue tables can operate from 16" to 34" in height variation with a lift capacity of 350 lbs. The geriatric patients prefer electrical back rests for comfort of the patients and therapists. Due to the fact that the table descends quite low, it is very easy to transfer patients to and fro from a wheel chair. The length and width of these tables can be custom made to suit your requirements.
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    Table components and options

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