Osteopathy Tables

Techno Vogue tables for Osteopathy were developed with the help of Philippe Druelle, DO the founder of the Canadian College of Osteopathy, for the shape and stiffness of the table top ( Osteo 1-M). There are two versions of the bases. The original base tables with the Opus V, Osteo-1, Osteo-2 and Osteo-3 are modular and fully or partially electric. The more recent tables were developed with a new narrow base for easy access to the patient while treating from the side of the table to give room for the knees and feet of the Osteopath. The new base Econo Osteo supports the table tops made with adequate stiffness for the Osteopathic treatment and is more economical. Several versions of this table are available, Econo Osteo CEO, KML and MULTI. These tables are made inĀ  one, two or three sections.

The space saving feature of all Techno Vogue tables is much appreciated by most clinics with limited working space.
OPUS V Osteo-1M table is made with a straight table top with a narrow section towards the feet of the table for specific Osteopathy postures

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